Favourite Scribal Changes

As you explore Qur’an Gateway’s database of thousands of scribal changes in early Qur’an manuscripts, you may come across scribal changes that you wish to easily find again. You can easily do this by adding them to your Favourite Scribal Changes List

Viewing Your Favourites List

You can view your favourite scribal changes in one of two ways:

  1. By choosing ‘Manuscripts’ > ‘Scribal Changes’ > ‘List My Favourite Changes’ from Qur’an Gateway’s menu bar. 
  2. You can also easily find all your changes by  searching for scribal changes and ticking the ‘Find Favourites Only’ box at the bottom of the page of search options:

Adding or Removing Scribal Changes to Your Favourites List

To add a scribal change to your list of favourites, simply click the greyed out star icon ( ) that appears next to it, either when viewing a detailed change record or a list, for example:

The star will turn solid ( ), showing the change is now on your favourites list:

To remove a change from your favourites list, just reverse this procedure: find the change in question and click on the solid star, it will grey out, showing this change is no longer on your favourites list.



If you have selected multiple scribal changes at once, perhaps by doing an advanced search, Qur’an Gateway may offer you the option to add or remove multiple scribal changes to or from your favourites list at once, like this:

Simply click:

  • to add all the selected scribal changes to your favourites list.
  • to remove all the selected changes from your favourites.

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