List Roots Affected by Scribal Changes

The List Roots Affected by Scribal Changes report (found from the main menu under ‘Manuscripts’ and then ‘Scribal Changes’) lists every Arabic root in the Qur’an that is affected by a scribal change. It looks like this:

1 Filter by Sura. By default, Qur’an Gateway shows you roots affected by scribal changes from every sura in the Qur’an but, if you prefer, you can list roots from just one particular sura by choosing it from the pick-list here.
2 Root. Each qur’anic root word is listed in both its Arabic form and in transliterated Roman characters. You can sort either (or indeed any) column simply by clicking on the little icons at the top.
3 Occurrences. The total number of times each root appears. Click the number to search for and highlight each instance in the verse browser. Click the number to lookup each of these instances in the verse browser. Qur’an Gateway will search for all instances of the root, underlining those affected by changes with a dotted red line, like this:
4 Instances Affected by a Change. The number of times each particular root is affected by a scribal change. Click the number to browse these scribal changes; like this:

5 Percentage Affected. The percentage of occurrences of each root that are affected by scribal changes.

Try exploring the information in this report in a more visual form, using the  Words Affected by Scribal Changes per Sura Chart.

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