Scribal Changes Advanced Search

You can easily search for a particular scribal change (or group of them) using Scribal Changes Advanced Search, found under Manuscripts > Search for Scribal Changes on Qur’an Gateway’s menu bar. The search tool allows you to specify as many criteria as you would like in order to narrow down your search.

1 Change Occurs In. By default, the search will return scribal changes from anywhere in the entire Qur’an; if you prefer, you can search instead for changes from a particular sura or even a specific verse.
2 Change Type. Filters the search by a specific type of scribal change.
3 Manuscript (and Institution). Filter your search by a particular manuscript, or by manuscripts from a specific institution or library, if you wish.
4 Main Script Style. Filters the search by the main script style of the manuscript. For more information on script styles, read this helpful article.
5 1924 Arabic Text. Filter your search for scribal change records where the 1924 Royal Cairo edition of the Qur’an contains the letters you specify (you can search either the Arabic or the translated Arabic).
6 Inferior (Lower) Text. Search for scribal change records where the lower text of the manuscript contains what you specify (you can search either in Arabic or in the Milo transliteration). (Important note: ‘Inferior’ and ‘Superior’, #7 below, are technical terms used in textual criticism to refer to the upper [superior] and lower [inferior] text).
7 Superior (Upper) Text. Search for scribal change records where the upper text of the manuscript contains what you specify (you can search either in Arabic or in the Milo transliteration).
8 Investigator/Photographer Name Contains. Filters for scribal changes where the name of the scholar who examined the manuscript and recorded this particular scribal change contains what you specify (e.g. searching for ‘mc’ would find ‘Michael McCoy’).
9 Change ID. Every scribal change in Qur’an Gateway is identified by a unique number, thus you can easily search for a specific change if you know its number. (This one reason we recommend, if citing a scribal change in something you are writing, you cite the Change ID number).
10 Find Favourites Only. Tick this button and your search will only return changes that you have marked as favourites (and which match any other criteria you specify). Find out how to add or remove changes from your favourites list.
11 Clear. Resets all the various fields and options in the search form to their defaults.
12 Search. When you are ready to execute the search, click this button and any scribal changes that match your various criteria will be shown for you to browse.

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