List All Scribal Changes Recorded by an Investigator

TheList All Scribal Changes by Investigator report, accessed by clicking on an investigator/researcher’s name when examining a change, lists all the scribal changes studied, photographed and recorded by a particular scholar or investigator. It looks like this:

1 Change ID. The ‘Change ID’ of each change record is shown, uniquely identifying it within Qur’an Gateway. Click on the Change ID to see that particular change in more detail.
2 Quick Look. To see a photograph of any change that interests you, just point at the  icon until the Quick Look window appears, like this:

3 Affected Verses. Qur’an Gateway tells you which verses are affected by this change. Click the verse reference to open the affected verses in the verse browser, with the affected words highlighted for you, like this:

4 Change Type. The type of scribal change (see this article for information on scribal change types). Click the change type to see a list of all scribal changes known to Qur’an Gateway which represent this type of scribal change.
5 Manuscript. The manuscript in which this scribal change is to be found. Click the manuscript name to filter the change list and show all the changes from this manuscript.

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