Browse All Scribal Changes (as a List)

The Browse All Changes screen (found under the ‘Manuscripts’ menu and then under ‘Scribal Changes’) allows you to easily browse the thousands of scribal changes logged and detailed by Qur’an Gateway. It is a powerful and easy-to-use window into the study of qur’anic textual criticism and it looks like this:

1 Display Changes As. Choose whether to browse scribal changes as a list (which squeezes more information onto the screen) or as a table of images.
2 Change ID. The ‘Change ID’ of each change record is shown, uniquely identifying it within Qur’an Gateway. Click the change ID to open a record showing every detail associated with this particular scribal change.
3 Quick Look. To see a photograph of any change that interests you, just point at the  icon until the Quick Look window appears, like this:
4 Favourite Icon. If a little  icon is shown next to a change, it shows that you have added it to your list of ‘favourites’. To add a scribal change to your list of favourites, simply click the greyed out star icon () and it will turn solid (). Or to remove a favourited change, just click on the solid star and it will turn grey (), showing it is no longer a favourite.
5 Verses Affected. Qur’an Gateway tells you which verses are affected by this change. Click the verse reference to open the affected verses in the verse browser, with the affected words highlighted for you, like this:

6 Words Affected. The number of words affected by this change. Click the number to open the verses affected and highlight the words affected (see #5 above for a picture).
7 Change Type. The type of scribal change. (See this article for information on scribal change types). Click the change type to filter the list of changes and show all scribal changes with this change type.
8 Manuscript. The manuscript in which this scribal change is to be found. Click the manuscript name to filter the change list and show all the changes from this manuscript.
9 Institution. The institution which holds the manuscript in which this change is to be found. Click the institution name to filter the change list and show all the changes in manuscripts from this institution.

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