Manuscripts Logged per Sura Chart

The Manuscripts Logged per Sura chart (found under the ‘Charts’ menu and then under ‘Manuscripts’) shows, for each sura of the Qur’an, how many early manuscripts are recorded in Qur’an Gateway’s databases that cover part of that sura. (You can see a list of all the manuscripts known to Qur’an Gateway using the List All Manuscripts report).

The Manuscripts Logged per Sura chart looks like this:

1 Suras to Show. By clicking the buttons, you can choose whether to plot every sura, just Meccan suras, or just Medinan suras on the chart.
2 Sort By. You can either sort the chart by sura (so sura 1 is drawn first and sura 114 last), or you can sort your chart by the number of manuscripts logged (meaning suras represented in a greater number of manuscripts will appear first).

Chart Columns. Point your mouse at a column and Qur’an Gateway will show you a tooltip with the exact value in it. You can also click a column to “drill down” — Qur’an Gateway will open the List of Manuscripts and filter it to show just the manuscripts which include the sura whose column you clicked.


Remember that some manuscripts contain lacunae (gaps): Qur’an Gateway records the first and last verse in each manuscript it knows about, but doesn’t (as yet) record if there are gaps, due to missing or damaged pages. The Manuscripts Logged per Sura chart therefore cannot take account of lacunae and simply assumes, for instance, that if a manuscript is recorded as containing Q. 1:1-10:109, that all ten suras are included (and if the manuscript was missing, say, sura 8, the chart would not reflect this). Just bear that in mind as you use this chart.

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