Browse All Manuscripts

Built into Qur’an Gateway is a (growing) catalogue of early Qur’an manuscripts, located in several major libraries and collections. The Browse All Manuscripts screen, found under the “Manuscripts” > "Manuscripts Catalogue" menu, enables you to explore this collection of manuscripts. 

The Browse All Manuscripts screen looks like this:

1 View Options (List or Records). Choose whether you would prefer to browse manuscripts as individual records (like the example above) or as a list (like the example below):

In list view, point your mouse at any icon to see a pop up preview of a sample page from any manuscript for which one is available.

2 Chart. To see a chart showing how many manuscripts Qur’an Gateway has logged per sura, simply click the  icon. Or you just point your mouse at the icon for a few seconds to see a “mini chart” giving you a quick look at the information, like so:
3 Search for Manuscripts. Click to search for particular manuscripts.
4 Navigation Buttons. Allow you to easily move through the manuscripts you are browsing (you can also use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard if you prefer).
5 Manuscript Details. Various details about the manuscript you are studying.
6 Sample Page. Where available, Qur’an Gateway will show you a sample page from the manuscript. Click the expand icon to see the full size version of the image.

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