Words Affected by Scribal Changes per Sura

The Words Affected by Scribal Changes per Sura chart (found under the ‘Charts’ menu and then under ‘Scribal Changes’) shows you how words in each sura are affected by a scribal change.

1 Suras to Show. By clicking the buttons, you can choose whether to plot every sura, just Meccan suras, or just Medinan suras on the chart.
2 Sort By. You can either sort your chart by sura (so sura 1 is drawn first and sura 114 last), or you can sort your chart by the number of words affected by scribal changes in each sura.  
3 Count. The chart can either plot the total number of words affected in each sura, or the percentage of words affected in each sura.

Chart Columns. Point your mouse at a column and Qur’an Gateway will show you a tooltip with the exact value in it. You can also click a column to “drill down” and browse all the scribal changes in that particular sura, like this


If you would like to easily see all the words in a sura that are affected by scribal change in their context, you can do this.

  1. Go to the Qur’an Gateway home page and run a search like this one: CHANGES>0 RANGE:10 (replace "10" with the sura you are interested in). This will show all the verses in your chosen sura with changes.
  2. Make sure that "Manuscript Changes" is turned on at the top left of the verse browser window (this can also be set to ON under 'Preferences' for continuous use):
  3. Qur’an Gateway will now underline every word that is affected by a scribal change with a dotted line, like this:
  4. Point at the word until the Instant Details Palette appears, then you can click on the "1 Manuscript Change Affects This Word" button to see the details of the change (or changes) affecting this particular word.

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