Scribal Changes Recorded by Manuscript Script Style Chart

The Scribal Changes Recorded by Manuscript Script Style chart (found under the ‘Charts’ menu and then under ‘Scribal Changes’) groups manuscripts by their script style, and then shows how many scribal changes occur for each script style.

1 Count By. By clicking the buttons, you can choose whether each chart column counts the number of scribal changes or the percentage of manuscripts of this type that show scribal changes.

Chart Columns. Point your mouse at a column and Qur’an Gateway will show you a tooltip with the exact value in it. You can also click a column to “drill down” and see the detail of each scribal change for the script style in question:


Bear in mind that not every manuscript recorded in Qur’an Gateway has its script style recorded (at least not yet: we are updating, adding to, and improving Qur’an Gateway’s databases all the time). At the bottom of the chart, Qur’an Gateway wll tell you how many scribal changes have "No Script Style Recorded Yet" for their manuscript; these are simply not included in the chart).

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