The Qur’an Gateway Home Page

When you first login to Qur’an Gateway, you’ll be presented with a screen that looks like this:

In the middle of the screen is the search box: you can type a sura, verse, list of verses, or a search command into here and then press enter (or hit the 'SEARCH' button) and Qur’an Gateway will do your bidding.

Give it a go. Try typing 2:256 into the search box and see what happens. Qur’an Gateway should display that verse on the screen for you.

To return to the home page, either hit the back button on your browser, or just click   at the top left of Qur’an Gateway’s menu bar.

Easy Search

Built into Qur’an Gateway is a powerful and (relatively) easy-to-learn search language that enables you to search the text of the Qur’ in all kinds of ways. However, if you simply want to quickly perform a search with just a few mouse clicks, we have designed Easy Search. Just below the big, friendly "SEARCH" button on home page, you'll notice the Easy Search button:

Simply click it and Qur’an Gateway will open the Easy Search page. Here you can easily pick one or more Arabic roots, or words/phrases from a translation, or a combination of both and run a search. It's easy, fast, and intuitive. However, we recommend taking the time to learn Qur’an Gateway's search language, as there is far more you can do with it once you grasp it.

Time Saving Tools

Also on the home page, just below the search box, you’ll find a number of helpful (and time saving tools):

  • Click on Bookmarks to see (and edit, or delete) any bookmarks you have created. You will discover later on how to save any search as a bookmark, so you can access it later.
  • Click on History to see a list of your last 50 searches: this is really helpful if you want to revisit something you looked up earlier.
  • Click on Commands to see a list of the main Qur’an Gateway search commands: you can then click on any command to copy it into the search box.
  • Click on Roots to see a list of every Arabic root in the Qur’an: simply click on it to copy it into the search box.
  • Click on Verse Picker to open a list of all 114 suras in the Qur’an. Click a sura, then click a verse, to quickly jump to that part of the Qur’an.
  • Click on Keyboard icon to open a 'keyboard' listing every Arabic letter (and it's transliterated equivalent). By clicking on letters, you can enter them into the search box. This can be a great timer saver if you can’t remember the right key press on your computer keyboard for a particular letter. (If you wish, you can also easily flip the keyboard between left-to-right and right-to-left).


    Click on "Extra Characters" at the bottom of the keyboard to open a list of every possible character/glyph that Qur’an Gateway is aware of. Scroll through until you find the character you want and either click on the Arabic or the transliterated character to type it.

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