Citing Qur’an Gateway

We hope that Qur’an Gateway will tremendously help you in your studies, work, or research. As you research and write, you may need to cite the software and we encourage people to do so as described below.

For charts, graphs, and general digital content derived from Qur’an Gateway, you can use this format:

Qur’an Gateway, (accessed [date])

For example:

Qur’an Gateway, (accessed 12 November 2018)

For a specific manuscript change, we recommend:

Change #[change number], Qur’an Gateway, (accessed [date])

For example:

Change #1492, Qur’an Gateway, (accessed 12 November 2018)

If you use a manuscript image that is shown on Qur’an Gateway, please contact the original copyright holder before re-using it. The name of the original copyright holder is shown at the bottom of the change record, as in the example below, where the copyright information panel is outlined in red:

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