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Browse Institutions

The Browse Institutions screen lets you explore the various institutions (libraries etc) from which the database of manuscripts and scribal changes in Qur’an Gateway has been sourced, as our team of scholars have examined manuscripts from them.

1 Browse as Records or List. You can choose whether to browse through institution records individually (like the example record above) or as a list.
2 Navigation Arrows. Move through the records by clicking the buttons (or pressing the left or right arrows on your keyboard).
3 Institution Details. For each institution, Qur’an Gateway can often show you the address and other details (if a website is listed, you can click the website address to open it in a new browser tab).
4 Map Icon. Click the icon to open a Google Maps view of the location of this institution.
5 Picture. A picture of the institution is shown. If you’d like to see a bigger version, click the icon.
6 Number of Manuscripts and Scribal Changes from this Institution. Shows how many manuscripts (and scribal changes in them) can be found from this institution in the Qur’an Gateway database. Click a number to look at those manuscripts (or scribal changes).

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