Search Manuscript Catalogue

You can easily search for a particular manuscript using the Search Manuscript Catalogue tool, found under Manuscripts > Manuscript Catalogue > Search for Manuscripts.

1 Manuscript Name Contains. Searches for any manuscripts containing the text you specify, e.g. BnF.
2 Institution Name Contains. Searches for any institution names containing your specified text, e.g. France.
3 Manuscript Contains. Should you wish, you can look for manuscripts that contain a particular sura (remember that some manuscripts contain lacunae, so just because Qur’an Gateway records that a manuscript begins with Q. 1:1 and ends with 114:6, this doesn’t necessarily mean every sura in between is included).
4 Main Contains at Least This Many Scribal Changes. Allows you to search for manuscripts containing at least a particular number of scribal changes.
5 Selected Folio Script Style. Search for manuscripts that are written in a particular script style.
6 Manuscript Material. Specify the material (e.g. paper, parchment, vellum etc.) the manuscript should be made of.
7 Manuscript Format. Specify the manuscript format (e.g. horizontal, vertical or square).
8 Image Available in Qur’an Gateway. Tick the box here and your search will only return manuscripts for which we have a sample/preview image recorded in Qur’an Gateway.
9 Facsimile Available Online. Tick the box here and your search will only return manuscripts for which a facsimile is available online
10 Clear/Search. Click “Clear” to reset all the search fields to their default; or click “Search” to perform your search. You will then be able to browse any manuscripts that match your search criteria.

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