Formulaic Commonalities Between Suras

The Formulaic Commonalities report (found under the ‘Formulae’ menu) shows you all the formulae that a sura has in common with other suras. It’s a powerful to trace and export the formulaic diction that underpins the qur’anic text and its composition.

1 Sura to Examine. Pick the sura you want to use as your ‘base’ and look for formulaic commonalities for in other suras.
2 Sura to Cross-Check. Pick the other sura you want to look for commonalities/connections to.

Formula Length and Type. Choose which formula length and type you want to look for (or choose ‘Any’ and ‘All Formula Types’ to look for all formulae).


Report Type. Choose ‘Group by Verses’ and the report will list every verse in the first sura (#2 above) together with any formulae in that also occurs in the other sura (#3 above). Or choose ‘Group by Formulae’ and the report will instead simply list every formula along with its occurrence statistics, like this:

5 Formula List. Explore the list of formula here. Click on any formula (or occurrence count) to open the verses that show it. Underneath each transliteration is shown a brief gloss of the formula, or the words in it. (You can turn these formulaic glosses off in Preferences if you would prefer not to see them).

Show as Chart. Click the icon to see a chart showing the formulae in common between this sura and every other sura in the Qur’an. 

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