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What’s New in Qur’an Gateway?

6 May 2019 Major update to Qur’an Gateway’s database of scribal changes, reflecting extensive work by Dr. Michael McCoy cleaning up and improving our collection of scribal changes.
28 Apr 2019 Tags have arrived! You can now create tags, coloured labels you can apply to as many verses as you like, to help you identify topics, themes, or key words (or so forth) that you are interested in. Tags make it easy to see or search for key verses, themes and at a glance. Find out all about how to use tags here.
10 Apr 2019 Added the Number of Words Affected by Number of Scribal Changes chart, which shows you at a glance how many words are affected by 1, 2 or more scribal changes.
21 Feb 2019 Added a new Exhaustively List All Occurrences report, that for any root or lemma shows you in one simple list everywhere it appears in the Qur’an (along with the three words before it and the three words after it). To find this report, just click the icon that appears next to roots or lemmata in many places now in Qur’an Gateway, including in the Instant Details Palette.
17 Feb 2019 Arthur John Arberry’s 1955 English translation of the Qur’an ( The Koran Interpreted) has been added as a fourth English translation to Qur’an Gateway. You can choose it from the list of translations on the Verse Browser, pick it as your default translation on the Preferences page, or search it using the ARBERRY command, e.g. ARBERRY:fear.
15 Feb 2019 Formulae now have glosses shown underneath them, in views such as the List All Formulae, Cross Reference Formulae in Suras, or List Formulaic Continuities Between Suras reports. Although the glosses are basic, it can help see what a formula means at a glance. If you’d prefer not to show formulaic glosses, you can turn them off in Preferences.
9 Feb 2019 Added the Formulae in Common chart and Formulaic Commonalities report. Both tools enable you to easily explore the formulae that two or more suras have in common.
31 Jan 2019 Added the Length Characteristics chart. This new stylometric tool enables you to see at a glance how the verse length of a sura varies throughout.
25 Jan 2019 Added the Average Word Length chart, which allows you to compare suras in terms of the average length of the Arabic words within them.
15 Jan 2019 There is now a Proper Noun List (under Browse > Word Lists > List Proper nouns), enabling you to easy find things like people and places mentioned in the Qur’an.
13 Jan 2019 Implemented the Sura Length Analysis tool. Bring up a range of verses or a search result, then click the " Analyse" button in the top right of the verse browser, then choose "Analyse Sura Lengths in This Selection". Qur’an Gateway will show you the verse length of every sura that features in your selection or search results.
28 Oct 2018 Reports or screens that have multiple pages now have a floating page navigator at the bottom, making it much easier to move between pages.

You can turn this off in Preferences if you wish (in which case, a page list will appear at the bottom of each page).

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