List All Proper Nouns

If you select List Proper Nouns from the Browse menu (where it can be found under Word Lists), Qur’an Gateway will display a list of all the proper nouns that occur in the qur’anic text.

1 Lemma. For each lemma in the list, Qur’an Gateway shows you both its Arabic and its transliterated version. (If you’d like to sort the table by lemma, just use the arrows at the top of the column — indeed, you can sort the table by any column you like this way).
2 Translation. An English translation of the proper noun (where the name is known in multiple forms, such as Yusuf/Joseph, both are listed.
3 Occurrences. A count of how many times this proper noun appears in the Qur’an. 
4 Action Icons. Click the  icon to display a chart of this proper noun’s occurrences in the Qur’an (or simply point at the icon and wait a few seconds to see a mini-chart).


Simply click on any item in a row in the table (either the Arabic, transliteration, translation or occurrence count) and Qur’an Gateway will open up the verse browser and show you every verse where that proper noun appears.

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